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 WOOD ART by Will



Dimensions: 36 cm X 39 cm

Toucan wood art made from reclaimed painted and burned wood. Perfect to add to your living space or to gift to a loved one. 

It looks great on any gallery wall, children's room or office. This is classic image of one of the most popular and well known birds from Brazil.

How I made?

I start with a design and lay it onto a piece of plywood. Then I cut the layout with a scroll saw, sand and paint each individual piece by hand before building the background frame from pallet wood. Once all of that was finished I assembled and glued all the pieces accordingly on top of the background.

The tools I used was a scroll saw, hand and belt sanders, paints and brushes, bandsaw, glue, a torch burner and varnish to seal it.

Commission of any design of you choice accepted.

*For free delivery in LONDON ( only) or other enquires, 

please contact us via

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