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Pá.ú.lú is a British (Brazilian Born) visual artist. His works involve themes of his Brazilian heritage, identity, and belonging. Other than sculptures, collages, and digital works, Pá.ú.lú has published books, colouring books, and created a Brazilian Carnival-themed tabletop game.


Paulo Corbelino (Pá.ú.lú)

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Tabletop game GRES: Desfile (Available in English and Portuguese)

GRES: Carnival Parade is a card game where your objective is to create the best samba school parade. To do this, you must combine the cards in a way that accumulates the most points.

The game is divided into two phases. In the first phase, you collect the cards and match them the best you can. This phase ends when the first player requests for score counting, APURAÇÃO. Players will show their parades (reveal their cards) and the points will be counted. The player with the most points wins. Be careful! You lose valuable points if it rains during your parade or your "Barracão" (carnival art studio) burns down. But you can also be lucky and get some money from unconventional sources or have a little help from biased judges. So, prepare your strategy and make a carnival parade to remember!

Content: 100 cards, 4 game screens, 1 Rule Book/ Simbology

Players : 2 - 4

Age: +15 years old

Game time: 20 - 30 minuto

Price : 99.00 BRL



GRES-Segmentos colouring book

The GRES-Segmentos colouring book contains characters from a samba school parade and fictitious situations related to this universe. The art by carnival artist Alex Carvalho and mandalas by visual artist Páúlú present in this colouring book are capable of providing moments of distraction and relaxation.

Size:21 x 28 cm

Front cover:300 g card

Number of pages:32 (Offset Paper 120 g)

Publishing company: Pilgrim Designs

Black-lined illustrations are printed on the front and back of the pages. Ideal for coloured pencils and crayons (Not recommended for watercolours and markers)

Price: 29.99 BRL



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