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Writing is my way of overflowing, of contributing to a better world. I believe in the social function of literature. I believe that the principles of life can be incorporated into stories; for they have universal strength, as well as spout from a universal source of the shared universal unconscious and reflect universal concerns. As Christopher Vogler said: 

"the healing power of words is their most magical aspect. Writers, such as shamans or healers, from ancestral cultures, have the potential to be curative .

We writers share the divine power of shamans. Not only do we travel to other worlds, but we create them in another space and time  with the magical power to retain those words and bring them back in the form of stories for others to share. 

Our stories have the power to heal, to remake the world.

Give people metaphors for which they can better understand their own lives."



Readers who are in the face of the following text will certainly be challenged by their ideas, but will have no problem identifying themselves, such as the universality of the issues dealt with.

Whether observing the bucolic climate of the village where Van Gogh painted so many of his canvases, or recalling his stay in the outskirts of Paris, where La Fontaine wrote many of his fables, Sueli Lopes' text brings us a curious and sensitive topology of affections, and makes it fuel for writing. In its text the boundary between place and word is purposely blurred.

Those who read are led to think, perhaps for the first time, that places generate words.

In addition to the stereotype of the writer, who takes his words mainly from the core of the soul, Sueli's text opens up to the world and encourages aspiring literary career aspirants to do the same. Not only the genius, the immersion in the self, the cultivation of subjectivity himself, characterize the good writer.

 Also the openness to the world, to the other, to the places, are the mark of those who seek to circumvent the clichés of the writer who writes to save himself and who, in a somewhat egoic way, wants to pour out on the readers.

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